The Toxic Womb State – Introducing a New Term

With great discomfort and some doubt I introduced the term “toxic womb state.” How can I attribute any form of children’s suffering and health disorders to toxicities of their moms’ womb before they were born without creating heart-rending guilt for mothers? I hasten to add that fathers and grandparents of unborn babies are just as involved in the creation of the toxic womb state the effects of which may not become apparent years after the birth of the unborn. Nor can the society at large consider itself exonerated. It takes a village to keep a pregnant uterus healthy and nurturing for the baby in its most vulnerable (in-the-womb) time of its life.

A spade must be called a spade. Nowhere else in healing work is this more important than when presenting information about the toxic womb state that may adversely affect not only the development of the unborn but also the development after birth for years and decades to come. So I hope that the harshness of the words will not detract readers from its crucial importance.

My evolutionary thinking informs me about three aspects of “Womb-Toxicity-Unborn’s-Metabolism Connections”:

1. Womb toxicity is bound to adversely affect unborn baby’s metabolism.

2. The unborn baby’s metabolic stresses are bound to influence the metabolism during the after-birth years.

3. Some of the baby’s metabolic stresses will be passed across generations.

The Message in the Term

My primary purpose in introducing the term Toxic Womb State is not just to make young people planning to have family aware of the risks of womb toxicities. It is offer simple, practical, time-efficient, and low-cost measures that women and their families can consider to materially address the issues. I offer my guidelines in a series of follow-up articles.

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