Many Faces of the Toxic Womb State

Majid Ali, M.D.

In 1998, I coined the term Toxic Womb State for some specific reasons: (1) to sharply focus on the issues of pregnant wombs; (2) to link the development of cellular toxicity to nutritional, toxicity, and environmental disorders to in-the-womb (gestational exposures of vulnerable fetal tissues to maternal toxicities); (3) to shift the focus from the frivolous psychological theories concerning childrens’ developmental disorders to observable biologic issues; (4) to offer guidelines for maternal detox options; and (5) to underscore the importance of robust nutritional, environmental, and stress-controlling measures for affected children. Many faces of the Toxic Womb State include infants and children’s neuro-developmental challenges, metabolic dysfunctions, immune deficit states, and higher risks in later years of diverse disorders such as obesity, diabetes, inflammatory, immune, and degenerative disorders of premature onset.

I use the term Toxic Womb State with concern and caution. In public forum, I first used it in a series of my articles on the subjects of ADHD and autism. Later I presented a series of radio essays on my Science, Health, and Healing program on non-commercial WBAI radio, New York. I recognized the risk inherent in the use of such a troubling term. And yet, I recognized the dire need for stating my case clearly. An increasing number of unborn babies are exposed to incrementally toxic womb conditions with serious, sometimes devastating, consequences. Below are the major sources of womb toxicity:

1. Mold toxins produced in mother’s fermenting bowels (result of sugar and antibiotic abuse)

2. Toxins in the mother’s fermenting mind (result of anger and deep disappointments of life)

3. Toxins in the mother’s fermenting liver (results of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins in foods

4. Excess insulin in mother’s blood and tissues

5. Excess adrenal steroids (cortisol and others) due to chronic stress and poor sleep

6. Toxic metal load

7. Abuse of legally prescribed and illegally obtained drugs

8. Recreational and/or addictive use of illegal substances by mothers

9. Environmental toxins in the drinking water and air

I present these subjects at length in various articles in this series. Recent reports reveal a disconcerting increase in the prevalence rates of childrens’ developmental disorders, including the autism spectrum, ADHD, obssessive-compulsive disorders, learning disorders, and others. I show a numbing illustration of this in a graph reproduced from the prestigious science journal, Nature (Nov.3, 2011) at:

2002: $54.9 billion; 2008: $76.6 billion

I include here brief text from one of the articles to provide a small window to the complexity and enormity of the problem of the toxic womb state: In 2002, $54.9 billion in annual costs of environmentally mediated diseases in US children was reported by National Children’s Study New York–Northern New Jersey Center, in New York City. In 2011, an updated and expanded analysis at the same center found that by 2008 the cost had risen by about 35% to $76.6 billion. These costs were related to lead poisoning, prenatal methylmercury exposure, childhood cancer, asthma, intellectual disability, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. What is chilling in these data is not the cost in dollars but the cost in ill-health and suffering of such children in the past, present, and future.


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